NAATI Accredited Interpreting and Translating Service
Japanese Accredited Translators and Interpreters

Japanese Accredited Translators and Interpreters (JATI) Pty. Ltd.
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Interpreting service

JATI provides professional translation and interpreting service by NAATI accredited translators and interpreters (National Accreditation Authority for Interpreters and Translators). Translation is translated by a NAATI accredited professional translator and certified by the translator's NAATI stamp and signature. Translated documement will be accepted by govenment agencies as certified document.

For Individuals
Court, Police, Hospital, Wedding, Funeral, Real estate, Bank, Government offices, Telephone interpreting

For Companies
Business negotiations, Seminars, Conferences, Meetings, Inspections, Interviews, Focuus group, Press conferences, International Conferences (Simultaneous interpretingt), Business trip is available anywhere in the world.

Dr. Masayo Goto
Managing Director
NAATI accredited professional translator & interpreter

University lecturer (Politics, Interpreting,Translating)

For Individuals
Family register, Marriage certificate, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Tax Return, Bank Statement, Financial Statement, Medical Certificate, Employment Certificate, Income Statement, Drivers License, Job description, Resume, Technical Skills, Change of Family Name, Vocational Certificate, Work Reference, Employment contract, Withholding Tax Statement, Verdict, Education Certificate, Academic Record, Personal investment, Corporate income tax return, Land/property registration, Rent contract, Summary order, Charge sheet, Court Judgment, Company Registration, Lease business management consignment agreement, Shares, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Ownership Share, Accreditation, Graduation Certificate, Personal History, Student ID card, Supporting letter, Notice of non-prosecution, Work description, Certificate of all the present matters, Medical Doctor Licence, Dentist Licence, School Teacher Licence, Hairdresser Licence, Chef Licence, Certificate of tax payment, Statement of Accounts, Business plan, Company profile, Character evaluation, Statement of changes in net assets, Alien registration original document, National pension, Petition, Real Estate appraisal, Transaction statement, Worker’s compensation certificate, Pay slip, Articles of Incorporation, Annual income and expenditure projection, Employment income withholding exemption certificate, Investment, Trade, Import/Export, Business, Politics, Economy, Defence, Letters, Statutory Declaration, Military, Medicine, Engineering, Legal, Finance, TV News, Current Affairs, Information Technology, mobile phones, telecommunications                                       

* Translation is translated by a NAATI accredited professional translator aqnd certified by the translator's NAATI stamp and signature. Translated document will be accepted by governemnt agencies as certified document.
                Sample (Family register translated into English with a NAATI stamp and a signature)

For Companies

Websites, Company profile, Speech and Presentation materials, translation from video and audio files, Brochures, Technical tranlslation such as IT, Finance, Medical, Current Affairs, Politics, Economy, Defence, Legal, manuals

Translation service
NAATI Interpreting/Translation examination preparation course

NAATI Professional Interpreting Test Preparation Course and NAATI Professional Translating Test Preparation Course are available upon request (group lessons or individual lessons). Distant learnng cours is also available (interreting via skype, translation via email).

JATI is currently recruiting NAATI accredited translators and interpreters as well as proofreaders and interns