Junior High School Tokyo                         
Senior High School Osaka                          
Graduated from College California, USA Major: Computer
Graduated from Melbourne University (B.A. degree) Melbourne, Australia Major: Political Science
Graduated from Deaken University (Postgraduate degree) Melbourne, Australia Major: Interpreting and Translating
Sydney University (M.A. degree) Sydney, Australia Master of International Studies
Studied at Keio University (Overseas Special Researcher) Mita, Tokyo International politics and economy (as part of PhD research)
University of New South Wales (PhD) Sydney, Australia Major: International Politics and International Relations
Country of birth Japan
Overseas living experience USA: 5 years, Australia: more than 15 years, Europe: 6 months,
Travelled nearly 140 countries.
Languages English (Simultaneous, consecutive interpreting, translation), French, Spanish
Sport Figure skating, Scuba diving, Sky diving
Hobbies Piano (mainly Chopin piano music), overseas travel, picture and video taking, computer, Tea Ceremony
Japanese driver's licence
Australian driver's licence
NAATI Accredited interpreter and translator (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, Australia)
RSA (Royal Society of Arts) Cambridge Certificate in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Langauge to Adults
Urasenke Tea Ceremony (Tea Mater)
Koryu Flower Arrangement (Master)
Scuba Diving (Rescue diving, Deep diving)
Japanese computer Company (Silicon Valley, California, USA)
Foreign affiliated company (Tokyo)
Free-lance interpreter and translator (Australia, USA, Japan)
Foreign embassy in Tokyo (Senior Political Research Officer) (Tokyo)
After graduating from college in the US, I joined a Japanese computer company in Silicon valley in California, USA. I was engaged in market research, sales and training of Japanese computer. After returning to Japan, I joined a foreign firm in Tokyo where I carried out research and prepared report in the areas of trade, finance, investment and high technology. I then began to work as professional interpreter and translator. I then went to Australia, entered university and studied from a BA degree all the way to a PhD degree. Meanwhile, I worked as free-lance interpreter and translator both in Australia and in Japan. My interpreting career includes simultaneous conference interpreter, live TV news broadcasting interpreter, and business interpreting. My clients include Japanese government, Australia government, political parties and leading companies. I also translated various documents including official documents and technical documents.. Upon completing a PhD Degree, I returned to Japan, I joined a foreign embassy as senior political research officer. My duties include research on Japanese domestic, foreign policies and international relations. I also prepared a report in English on major political issues. I have also been active as independent political analyst. I interviewed Al Jazeera and Al Arabia in the Middle East, visited to inspect post-war reconstruction in Afghanistan. I have travelled nearly 140 countries including North Pole, South Pole, Titanic Wreck (3800 meters under the sea), Top of the Kilimanjaro (6000 meters), North Korea,, Saudi Arabia, Lydia, Congo and Sao Tome. I appeared on a Japanese TV 'Hanamaru Market (TBS, 9 August 2004), was introduced on a Japanese Weekly Magazine (Shukan Shincho, 22 July 2004) as an International Political Analyst. I am currently teaching International Politics at universities in Australia.
University Degrees
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